Calcare Introduces Insurance On Smartphone Broken Screen

Calcare the official service center for smartphone brands such as Infinix, Tecno and iTel has now introduced insurance on smartphone broken screen. They claimed this is to give customers protection for a 12 months period.

However, this offer is only limited to the latest smartphone products in town like X601, X602, X555, A6 and A9.

What To Know About This Insurance;

  • It is only meant for broken screen.
  • It runs for a 12months period.
  • It can only be bought or purchased at Carlcare Service Centre and 3C Hub.
  • The insurance can only be purchased within the first month of the smartphone (in a good condition).
  • PRICE: 8% of the Cost of the particular device.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new feature from Calcare?

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  1. Reply

    They must extend der insurance Oo!! nc update From U my phone need insurance!!

  2. Reply

    mine is X600 … but not listed there

  3. Reply

    From 601 upward and they must be purchased on 3X hub or Calcare service centre.

  4. Reply

    It's a gud move by calcare. Gud post.

  5. Reply

    okay… can only be purchased on the first month of the phone?

  6. Reply

    Gud 1

  7. Reply

    Yea or 3months

  8. Reply

    okay… mine has been quite long

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