Cameroon Government Bans Internet To Anglophone Or English-speaking Regions

In Cameroon, English-speaking region suffers under internet ban by the government which is currently affecting the local economy. Banks has been paralyzed and salaries left unpaid.

Meanwhile, it started yesterday, February 14, when embassy of the United States in Yaounde, Cameroon published a statement saying;

“The Government of Cameroon has suspended cell phone and internet service in the Northwest and Southwest Regions”

So this means that Phone calls, Sms and of course, BBM, Facebook, Twitter and many other social medias won’t be accessible. The north west and south west region was affected and that’s where the internet services were cut off from subscribers. This is because of a strike action who are protesting the dominance of French-language use in Cameroon which leads to random arrest of the citizens and is till going on in some areas.

It has definitely affected students school projects, banks and entirely everything in the affected region.

Is it helpful? If it where Nigeria, what will you do?


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