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Cause of 9mobile service disruption has been found as NCC raids bank

NCC enforcement unit stormed Ikoyi area of Lagos yesterday to clamp down organisations in four locations, whose installation has been blocking service delivery on 9mobile network.

The enforcement exercise lasted for hours and these were the culprits causing the network interference: Microfinance bank, GMT Energy Resources, Club 57 and a property on No. 61, Ademola street in Ikoyi.

The main reason for the raid was the complaints NCC received from 9mobile about their network disruption which have been affecting users on the network.

However, they have investigated the complaints and found that the interference signal was localised at four locations in Lagos and fortunately, the equipment causing the network interference on 9mobile network had been removed and NCC has warned them to desist from using GSM boosters to jam network.


  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza February 16, 2018

    Woow! That’s enough for Etisalat 9mobile to regain what they have loose before.. This is a great high time for them since they have resolved the issues. Thanks.

  2. Ayo ade Ayo ade February 17, 2018

    The things that happen when we try to take shortcuts in naija. Good one by ncc tho

  3. Haruna Mustorpha Haruna Mustorpha February 18, 2018

    Nice to hear the info.. With this discovery, as it matters a lot! Now that they have fixed everything up.. Let’s wait for restructure..

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