There are many people out there that loves to try out popular phones or brands, probably they heard it from there friends or relatives. Normally, people like phones that are popular because they feel is the best and has all quality. It’s absolutely wrong because many unpopular phones are out there produced with good qualities that even popular brands might not have or possess. Lack of popularity doesn’t necessarily mean lack of quality.

In this article, you will be acquainted with amazing reasons you should try out unpopular brands. Checkout reasons below.

5 Reasons You Should Try Out Unpopular Phone Brands

1. Unpopular Brands Are Cheaper – Unpopular brands are more cheaper and at the same time, offer amazing specification and features for a little amount of money. They are pocket-friendly and sometimes, offer customers more value to their money than popular brands. For instance, Infinix or Tecno cannot sell Leagoo M8 Pro for 32,000naira, if they were the manufacturer.

2. They Help Prevent Customer Exploitation – Looking into some of their cheap price, you will notice that their pocket-friendly price prevents popular brands from wielding some kind of monopoly power which means, their price prevent popular brands from further increase in the prices of phones.

3. They Provide Certain Accessories – Unpopular brands comes with more accessories like memory cards, pouch, power bank e.t.c. Meanwhile, some Android devices comes with these accessories but has stopped because of the increase in demands and in depth penetration of the smartphones. For example, Tecno phones no longer come with memory cards.

4. Lower Chances Of Ingenuity Or Counterfeited Products – Unpopular brands have lower faked versions of their device because the counterfeitors will always try to maximize their illegal gains by faking only popular products. This rarely happens with unpopular brands.

5. Warranty – Unpopular brands tends to offer a long period of time as warranty but this is not applicable to dome brands.

This is where I drop my pen. You can ask questions or contribute to these reasons via the comment system below.

Precious Agbontan

Precious Agbontan

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