Checkout The World First 5G Smartphone

Have you heard about the Android smartphone that support 5G network? As technology is advancing everyday, everyone want to browse faster and the coming 5G network will definitely make that possible.

For now, 4G LTE have not circulate the world and this made many smattphones analysts to predict that 5th generation network (5G) will be available by 2020 and a Qualcomm company is working hard to see it’s a success.

5G network will be using a type of coding called OFDM similar to that of 4G LTE and is wireless broadband technology based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard.

However, the total download for 5G mobile cell is 20Gbps and the incoming 5G standard must also support up to 1 million connected devices per square kilometer. 

Additionally, the standard will require carriers to have at least 100 MHz of free spectrum, scaling up to 1GHz where feasible.

Sheriff Hanna, Twitter user, Marketing Lead for LTE and 5G NR Modems for Qualcomm, shared a photo of the world’s first 5G smartphone.

Meanwhile, the image is basically of Qualcomm’s first 5G reference design and not the actual unit. 

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