WhatsApp has finally been banned from China mainland by the country’s government, with photo and video sharing, text messaging and other WhatsApp features are currently not functional. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has previously been blocked but was lifted within few days and this time, it’s unclear when the ban will be lifted.

The ban of WhatsApp has also affects some other services, including normal text messaging. It’s not hard to get the reasoning for the move; WhatsApp supports encrypted messaging, which by nature makes government surveillance impossible or difficult.

However, the move had made all Chinese users to switch to a popular messaging service in the country called WeChat which is owned by Tecent, a Chinese company that often accepts information requests by China government.

Considering the ban of Facebook, Instagram and even the last Mark Zuckerberg messaging app in China, WhatsApp ban, I think this has likely put a dent for Facebook’s plan to expand more services into the country.

For me, I cannot live in a country where there is no access to Facebook, Instagram and even WhatsApp, what about you?

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