Chrome Browser will label all HTTP pages “Not secure” from the month of July

Google chrome will start labeling all webpages using HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) without SSL certificate (HTTPS) as “Not secure” from the month of July in 2018.

This time last year, Google chrome browser started labeling HTTP pages with text fields as “Not secure”. And today, Google has announced another step in its strategy to get website owners switch to HTTPs encryption.

HTTPs are now offered for free on Blogger platform and on Cloudfare. It’s very important for a website owner to have it installed on their website for a good ranking factor and to protect their users from insecure payments and frauds, especially those using e-commerce websites.

From July this year 2018, the “Not secure” error warning on the browser will become stable, as seen in the image below.

Chrome HTTPs encryption
In Chrome 68, the omnibox will display “Not secure” for all HTTP pages

If you haven’t transitioned to HTTPs, the company offers setup guides to help you get started and explained why HTTPs is important.

So it’s high time all website owners started using HTTPs or might later in the future, start sending off your users due to frequent security warnings.


  1. Excellent! Thanks for letting us know about this news.. All website owners should go ahead now before it’s too late.. It’s a great invention.. I like it. To keep good privacy .
    Thanks for the info boss..

  2. Very impressed thread! We need a good privacy and it’s time for all bloggers or webmasters to create this new feature now.. Thanks for reviewing!

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