Competitive Data Packs: Glo still remain the Grandmaster of Data plans

Despite the sudden increase of Glo data plans, Globacom data plans are inarguably and undoubtedly the best data plans you can ever option onto. The network still retain the title as the “Grandmaster of Data Plans” which has not been taken till date.

The data plans are affordable and are with the most comprehensive price and the fastest 4G LTE network, there’s of course, no reason to doubt the flexibility of Glo data plans.

See the difference between Glo data plans and other networks

Prexblog Glo Competitive Packs
Glo Competitive packs

What’s your say after checking the competitive data packs comparison of Glo and other networks?


      1. That has been my suspicion but still their normally plan is 500 for 500mb plus 250mb night plan so double should either be 1GB or 1.5GB, but anyways more mb for me

  1. Wow! Great article and competitive prices and data allocation! Glo is the grand master over there.. If not because of their poor network..
    Thanks for the info boss.

  2. I thought they released one before early this year. I do agree that when it comes to enormous data, they are second to none… too bad they couldn’t acquire 9mobile

  3. They really tried a lot in their data allocation.. But their network is too poor.. What’s the essence!?
    Please someone should help me communicate to them! God bless you!

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