Computer Village Now Relocated To Kantangowa, See Reasons!

The best and most popular ICT market in Africa as a whole has been moved from Ikeja to ICT park, Katangowa in Agbado. This update was confirmed by Lagos State Government in a series of tweets about the relocation.

The reason for the relocation was also stated in the tweet; The relocation will control and curb environmental degradation, housing stock deficit and traffic congestion in the Ikeja axis.

Meanwhile, Katangowa is far bigger than Ikeja computer village, as it covers about 26 hectares of land. It also has a disorganised market settings with some traders dealing with second-hand clothes and other accessories.

What do you have to say about the Ikeja computer village relocation?

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    That's a good Reason Thanks for d update prexB Computer village don moveee!!

  3. Reply

    Thanks for d update

  4. Reply

    But computer village moving relocated will b a bit difficult bcos of my job as a phone technician

  5. Reply

    we welcomed this awesome development

  6. Reply

    hope it improves their services and be beneficial to them

  7. Reply

    Story since 2013

  8. Reply

    it will b difficult 4 everyone to adapt to this new situation,but I know its in d interest of d pple of Lagos……bold step from lagos state though

  9. Reply

    Weldone lag… Nigeria small london

  10. Reply

    so lag gsm village just gone like that

  11. Reply

    Nc update

  12. Reply

    Bahd market for those ikeja boiz

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