Contacts who don’t have Google Duo app installed can now make calls with you

Those who don’t have the popular mobile video chatting app, Google Duo, can now make calls with you. This feature was recently observed and noticed by a Reddit user.

The app also works with audio calls and the recipient can also hangup or answer the call, mute the call and of course, switch camera like any other normal Google Duo users. Additionally, they can also block a caller from contacting them.

In case you are interested in the cause of the feature, it’s a Google play services feature that was launched back in 2016 named App Preview Messaging makes this possible.

The ability to make calls to those who don’t have you on their contact list is only restricted to Android users and the reason is unknown. What’s your say?


  1. Nice to hear that news! It’s nice upgrade despite the reason is unknown… I know it will be reviewed soon ..
    Thanks for the info boss!

  2. Huh Okay ! That’s cool ! Without the app you can still make calls with the user ! God bless the developers and the admin who published this information.

  3. This app is very useful! Wow they made it possible to none user to communicate with the users. It’s very helpful bro.. Thanks a lot.

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