There are lots of malware but all had been cured due to immediate precautions or preventive measures being laid out to follow. Now, comes another dangerous malware called Copycat which is presently in circulation and has infected over 14 million devices globally as reported by cnet.

It has affected over 280,000 Android devices in the USA alone. Google has finally introduced Playprotect to block copycat from affecting users from playstore but still yet, the malware still attacks through third-party apps and phishing. Meanwhile, Google has been tracking the malware since 2015.

How Copycat Malware Works And Affect Phones

The malware pretends to be popular app in order to confuse you and after download, the app collects data about your device and automatically download Rootkits to root and eliminate the security system. The Copycat Malware will start downloading fake apps on your phone and as well, take control of your phone zygote (the launcher of your phone apps) and the phone will be on the malware total control as it knows any app you download or open.

After that, the Copycat Malware will replace the app creators refferal ID to its own in order to make money from the apps. It redirects Ads revenue to the hackers. The Copycat Malware has helped them in making over $1.5 million. However, it was reported that the app creators might be from China due to the fact that the malware check and spare any Android device from that region.

To be safe, you need to always install your apps from playstore, upgrade to a higher OS, avoid collecting apps or files from friends phone, avoid downloading files from third-party sites, install antivirus and ensure your memory card is only used by you and not on other peoples laptops or devices, better still, format the memory card before use.

What’s your say about the dangerous Copycat Malware?

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