More Data or More Airtime; Which do you prefer?

More Data or More Airtime; Which do you prefer?

Getting more of data and getting more of airtime, which would you prefer having?

Assuming am to share data or airtime, which would you choose to have?

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  1. Sure! You know now @admin! Data! Data!! Data!!! With the help of Technology, you can make calls worldwide with the social media apps, and data is the one doing the task!
    I prefer data o! Shea you go share data for us?

  2. I would prefer to have data since it will give me a wide surf on the NET.
    When you are connected on, you are empowered all round.

  3. Well data is preferable, anyway I can see that majority carries the vote, but let’s come to think of it, we can also use that airtime to purchase data, but we can’t use data to purchase airtime,
    airtime =data but data is not equal to airtime
    admin with airtime I can purchase data and with data I can have access to websites… Most especially ur blog
    If we are to continue preferring or comparing airtime and data this will lead to arguments (debate) between all of us here, the only way we can consider data as @now is when the data admin want to share is much more than the airtime he want to send can buy,

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