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Decoder or Freezer? See Photo of What TSTV Looks Like!

Nigerians have been making a glimpse of what the rave-making TSTV decoder looks like as many people can’t wait to buy it already.

The Pay-TV is set to offer great entertainments, sports, hot movies and many others for its  customers. However, the photos of the TSTV decoder that will go on sale very soon have been revealed online.

According to TSTV post explaining the features of TSTV SMART HD Set up box:

“TELCOM Satellites will pioneer the introduction of Smart set top boxes in Nigeria DTH industry. Our HD SMART Set Top Box (Connected Set top box) converts your existing LED TV into a Smart TV besides showing you more than 100 Channels & services in High Definition and Standard Definition. While the DTH tech in it brings television channels in Standard Definition and High Definition, the Connected set top box allows one to browse content from Twitter, Facebook, Daily Motion, video on demand sites, Over the Top, OTT apps, news, weather etc. through applications residing on STB. Our HD Smart Set Top Box will work as a tool for personalization, engagement, and new customer experiences and with internet connectivity, one can convert one‘s TV into a smart TV using it. Subscribers are entitled to a complementary 20GB internet capacity every month and this service is available for extension on demand.

“TSTV STB Back-Office End-to-End Solution is an easy-to-maintain solution for delivering TV, Video-On-Demand, and interactive services to end users who use LAN. It suits for schools, hospitals, hotels, communities, securities firms and so on.

“TSTV STB platform also includes in-built fast Wi-Fi, up to 802.11ac, 1 GBit/s Ethernet and USB 3.0 interface. TSTV STB supports built-in Bluetooth 4.0, RF for hybrid remote controls and support of Smart Home services via Zigbee/Thread standard. Multichannel video recording is possible via fast external USB 3.0 hard disks up to 50 Gigabyte capacity. Our Smart STBs also have the capacity to make video calls with other TSTV subscribers via IP.

“Instead of buying separate smart TVs or dongles which are expensive, users can now buy our integrated set top boxes which allows them to directly connect to internet, stream media, and access subscribed content?

“With our launch on 1st October, 2017, TELCOMSAT has scaled new technological heights and demonstrated its ability by providing a high end advanced product that delivers next generation solutions as part of the idea of Internet of Things (IoT).

“The feature of unlimited external recording is also available, by plugging in your own external storage device for recording your favourite programs, for e.g.: if one plugs in his own external hard drive of 1TB, they can record up to 1900 hrs of content of a standard definition channel.”

The features are great enough to wipe out the era of DSTV and GOTV but the TSTV decoder looks like freezer though.


  1. Paul Damy Paul Damy October 7, 2017

    Oh, I see….Mr prex is test running something.
    Wehdone sir!

  2. DE PROF DE PROF October 7, 2017

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  3. DE PROF DE PROF October 7, 2017

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. DE PROF DE PROF October 7, 2017

    To be sincere to me it looks like a water close system of a toilet

  5. Official Prexblog Videos Official Prexblog Videos October 7, 2017

    Thanks. I was trying to move the domain to https for secure connection and it was successful after the struggle.

  6. bello lovesherry bello lovesherry October 7, 2017

    What did tell you people when saying not to judge a book by it cover…

  7. DE PROF DE PROF October 7, 2017

    The decoder make sense i know say he go beat dstv,gotv and startimes main looking the features of this tstv i know say he go get many varities of channel,thanks prexblog for this informative article.

  8. DE PROF DE PROF October 7, 2017

    The decoder make sense i know say he go beat dstv,gotv and startimes main looking the features of this tstv i know say he go get many varities of channel,thanks prexblog for this informative article.

  9. Chidowski Chidowski October 7, 2017

    Looking at the features, it is cool, maybe as time and advancement goes on they will reduce it to be like gotv decoder. Everything e.g phones started up this way.
    But oga prex the other theme was the best.

  10. Kelvin Ochubili Kelvin Ochubili October 7, 2017

    Are u guys interested in the outward feature or what it has to offer?

  11. Paul Damy Paul Damy October 7, 2017

    Woow…am happy for that, thank God for the success!

  12. Paul Damy Paul Damy October 7, 2017

    Woow…am happy for that, thank God for the success!

  13. Paul Damy Paul Damy October 7, 2017

    Lolx….u guys will be surprised that people will buy it fine, as far as they keep the words as regards the features of of their package!!.

  14. hassan hassan October 7, 2017

    Yes you make sense there.


    Nigerians are so gullible! When the deal is too good to be true then it's best to stay back. For example, tstv are claiming to have rights to rebroadcast beIN sports channels. The problem is that Nigeria, thanks to its population & economy, is treated as a separate zone to the rest of Africa – when it comes to selling sports TV rights. In Africa, there are 4 zones for selling EPL rights; Nigeria which DSTV has exclusive rights, South Africa which DSTV also have exclusive rights, Northern Africa which together with the Middle East – are combined together & sold as one region – beIN has exclusive rights to this region, & there is the rest of Africa where DSTV has exclusive rights too. The money generated from these broadcasting rights are, partly, paid to clubs as a source of revenue. Since beIN has rights to air # EPLin MENA region, they will have a hard time reselling those rights to TSTV. If this happens, it will end up badly for all parties involved! For one, by forcing dstv out of the Nigerian market with their very low subscription fees, TSTV will make it impossible for any other pay TV operator to bid for broadcasting rights in Nigeria. This means that the EPL will lose Nigeria as a source of revenue & it will only encourage sports broadcasting-rights laundering! Why? Remember beIN pays only for MENA; the extra cash it gets from reselling to TSTV will only go into their pockets. In the next round of issuing sports broadcasting rights, which covers 2019-2020 to 2021-2022 season, Nigeria won't have any respresentativebecause beIN killed them with their deal with TSTV. EPL will stand to lose money & that's why they won't allow that too. This means that they will have to force beIN to stop reselling its TV rights to TSTV or, at the very least, bid for broadcasting rights for Nigeria. Either way, it will be game over for TSTV. TSTV, beIN & DSTV know this that's why you don't see the latter panicking! Also, the subscription rate for TSTV is too low to recoup the money they pay to rebroadcast such high end content. Other operators like Star times have very limited high end content like a low number of HD channels & less top flight football coverage. However, such pay TV operators(star times etc) charge you more than what TSTV are planning to charge you! Are TSTV an aid group? NGO? Wake the f**k up & smell this huge con looming. Better yet, wait for like 6 months & see how it turns out. That's if they don't stop postponing by then!

  16. hassan hassan October 9, 2017

    to me it looks like a freezer I hope the decoder will be a nice one.

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