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Does MTN Still Offer 100% Double Data? See Answer!

MTN double data is an offer from MTN with the main aim to add extra value their customers experience. It works for new customers at the period of complete 6 months and existing customers had to be eligible for activation.

However, this bonus had really given many customers extra value. Since a recharge of N500 can wonderfully produce 1GB of data with no zapping at still the normal rate of browsing. Then, probably, everyone will be happy to activate it on their network SIM as well.

How does MTN double data works?

MTN double data doubles your recharges depending on the type of double data. 

There are 100% double data that splits your data into two, 20% doubles your data by adding huge 20% of data to your purchased data and vice versa.

Assuming you recharge 500naira using 100% double data, you are entitled to get 1GB on MTN, since their weekly plan of N500 gives 750MB.

How to Activate 100% double data on MTN for new and existing customer

For new customers, get a new registered SIM and wait for your bonus offer to activate automatically.

For existing customer, kindly these keywords: Double, Promo, Free to 131 as a text message.

How to activate double data after activation

After following the previous steps above, you can now activate the double data by purchasing a data plan and it will doubled immediately on your MTN SIM.

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  1. Razeb Razeb November 3, 2017

    Must it be the normal data plans of *131*1#? Cause I subscribed for the MTN pulse 500 for 1Gb and it wasn’t doubled, but I got the text of enjoy double data on MTN deal zone blah blah, so I want to confirm if it’s for the normal data plans only and not for pulse plans

    • Prexblog Prexblog Post author | November 3, 2017

      Yes. It’s for the normal data plan.

      Do not use other bonus data plans for it.

      Dial *131*1# and purchased a data plan to get it doubled automatically.

      You can always check your data bundle balance by dialling *131*4#.

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