Don Jazzy And Tsaboin Launches Free Wi-Fi Service In Lagos

Wow! Enjoy the Marvins record, CEO, Don jazzy free Wi-Fi service today! Don jazzy partnered with Tsaboin, Dele Odufuye to launch flobyt which means a free Wi-Fi service in Lagos on Friday.

Don jazzy revealed that with this Wi-Fi, 10-30 people can be connected at the same time and in a higher traffic locations, 10-80 users can join the service.

This is what Don jazzy had to say about this;

“I am really interested in driving Flobyts reach beyond Lagos. Our Wi-Fi is the fastest in town and those who stream our music and content as entertainers are from the US and the UK. We believe that if we improve our services the numbers can improve.”

So you can now stream videos, musics and download with this flobyt free Wi-Fi service.

Below is what Mr. Odufaye said;

It is easy and simple to activate. You just walk into our partner outlet and join the Flobyt FREE Wifi and if your browser pop-up, you can visit or click on free access button to show you.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about Don jazzy free Wi-Fi service?

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  1. Reply

    Das NC and Wow
    nc update

  2. Reply

    Gud one for 'em. Nice post.

  3. Reply

    I love that, NYC update , thanks don

  4. Reply

    good idea

  5. Reply

    yeah good for 'em

    • Anonymous
    • February 27, 2017

    So I jst leave my shop from lekki dey go join donjazzy free WiFi abi ah neva begin craze na and I hate anytin dey call freewifi sef

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