Easiest Ways To Verify A Nigeria Adsense Account

Are you a blogger, wordpress or any other website platform owner? You have opened or registered a Nigeria Adsense account but yet to verify the address? It is very easy and simple to verify. Getting a Nigeria Adsense account is not easy while verifying the Adsense account for receiving payment from Google is another problem to some people, which is not shared much for some reasons.

There are many steps to climb after successful opening of Adsense account, to receive money from Google; First step is reaching the payment threshold which is usually $100 and the second step is verification of the account in order to be qualified in receiving payment.

Do you know that, if you failed to verify your Adsense account within 3 or 6 months, that your Adsense will stop displaying on your blog and if you enter the pin three times incorrectly, will lead to verification terminated? Yes! Adsense don’t play with address verification as that method is to know if you are the real owner of the account and to avoid fraud.

There are two ways to verify an Adsense account; by verifying the pin through the help of post office or valid address and secondly, by using electricity bills, national ID card, drivers license and other valid IDs for verification.The first method is “by using pin for verification” while the second method is alternative method of verifying Nigeria Adsense account “without using pin for the verification“. Now, lets go on verifying the Adsense and leave story alone.

How To Verify A Nigeria Adsense Account By Using Pin

STEP 1:Firstly, login your adsense account and click on “PAYMENT‘ under Settings.

STEP 2: Click on “MANAGE SETTINGS‘ and Input the address of any post office in your area (Address, City/town, Postal code and State). If you don’t know the address, just ask any of the post office staff to give you the valid address of their area or location.
STEP 3: Then ‘Request‘ for a new adsense pin to come to the address and before a month (mine was 22 days), your adsense pin will arrive to that post office, go check the pin and input it in your adsense account and tap “SUBMIT‘ to successfully verify.

How To Verify A Nigeria Adsense Account By Using (Electricity bills, National ID card, Driving license…)

This comes up when you have used up the three opportunity to verify your Adsense account and a form would appear on the bottom of the page where to request pin, that’s the alternative way, Google provide for you to verify your Adsense account before they stop showing advertisement on your blog or website.

STEP 1: Firstly, login your Adsense account and click on “ACTION” button on the “warning notification” at the top of your dashboard, you will be taken to a page where to verify your Adsense. Meanwhile, you should have used up the three times given to you to verify your Adsense address.
STEP 2: Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, particularly on the location where the Adsense pin is required and read a little note below saying; “If you don’t receive your pin within 4 weeks of this date, please complete “this form” and attach a digital image of a government issued ID card…bla bla bla“.
STEP 3: Click on the “THIS FORM” in the note.

STEP 4: After clicking on it, you would be taken to a page, asking you to fill these below:

  • Enter your Name, which you have used in Google Adsense Account
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Enter your Publisher ID number
  • Upload your Personal Identification Card copy
  • Personal Identification Number (Pin), Electricity Bill Document, Driving license copy.
STEP 5: Then click on “SUBMIT” button after providing the information and wait for 2 -3 days for approval. 
STEP 6: After approval, you would receive a message from Google about your approval. As shown below;
STEP 7: Start making the cash and enjoy your cash!
I think this article has unleash the hidden ways people verify their Adsense account and to bloggers who haven’t verify their Adsense, should try any of this methods and verification will be so easy and fast to you as you will be able to verify more than millions of Adsense accounts within a month.
Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while verifying your Adsense account, kindly drop your comments below for immediate response and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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  1. Reply

    Nice article for bloggers, this is really motivating i think i will join soon bcos am still thinkin on hw to bcom blogger.

    Tnks for dis update prex.

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    great one from the big blogger to the bloggers

  3. Reply

    Nice one prex this should be helpful to other bloggers

  4. Reply

    A Well written article….
    Can one got adsence in creating a p*rn blog

  5. Reply

    yeah I wanna become a blogger too. I want to start earning. thanks for these info prex.

    they will certainly be of help someday

  6. No. Google doesn't accept porn site.

  7. Reply

    @bright did u still remember me? Add up on facebook ''Meeky Bash''

  8. Reply

    gud update,but oga prex,assuming I av a blog,how long will it take me to get an AdSense account

  9. Reply

    It depend on your post and it also depend on how old your domain is, but I think it is minimum 6 month

  10. Reply

    Prex can u help me verify US AdSense?

  11. Reply

    Sorry but you're very wrong about that, You can get approved for adsense in less than a month.

  12. It doesn't depend on domain age in getting adsense approval. Just write quality contents (avoid copy + paste)till you get an approval and make sure your blog is well-designed and can be well navigated by users. USA adsense is easy to get but Nigeria adsense rules are strict and firmly enforced by Google.

  13. You just need a good website that will deliver your pin from google and you pay the website.

  14. Reply

    I will do it when my blog is ready. We all need money

  15. Reply

    We they also be paying in dollars or naira

  16. Reply

    Your website can't help?
    So DAT you help plz….just need to verify it

  17. You can use this tutorial to verify your USA, UK and China Adsense Account via here

  18. Reply

    Thats cool post and educative , thanx prex

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    Well said Prex, just came back to inform you guys of the new MTN holiday data bundle plan that gives you 5GB for N2000 .

  20. Reply

    Or rather, how can one Update US Tax Information to receive payments from adsense?

  21. Reply

    Thank you Mr prex, I do appreciate. @confy scenty, are you forgetting the New Etisalat BlazeOn DataPlan that gives you time based unlimited downloading? I'm still enjoying it so real kudos to #eti

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    Yeah true! this is really a nice guild, Nigeria blogger dont talk about this offen, you did well brother!richmindblog.com

  23. Reply

    Does traffic matter to get AdSense approval?
    How many daily page views do I need on my blog to get approved.

    Url: http://hilearners.com

  24. I will recommend 1,000 daily Pageviews…the uniqueness of your articles gives you chance for an approval.

  25. Reply

    Thanks for this great post

  26. Reply

    Pls what do you mean by “Meanwhile, you should have used up the three times given to you to verify your Adsense address” do i need to input the wrong code 3 times in other to get that below for link?

  27. Reply

    Guy pls is it the post office address we should write or our address?
    commenting from uchetechs.com

  28. Wait for the PIN to come three times….before you proceed or you can enter the PIN three times in order to give you alternative ways for verification.

  29. Post office

  30. Reply

    What about the tax clearance issue?

  31. Ask one of your friend who has it to give you.

  32. Reply

    Hello , bloggers in the house
    ***Are u upset in getting Google adsense approval ?
    ***Do u wish to get approve with my support ?
    ***Do u wish to buy google adsense ?
    #What are you waiting For Then
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  33. Reply

    Oga prex, I have national ID temporary card, still haven't received the original plastic. I was just wandering if I can use it for verification like that?. Also it important to add an attachment of the card??. My AdSense stopped ads display

  34. Reply

    Get the original plastic and proceed with the verification

  35. Reply

    But the original plastic is not available yet, I even checked the nimc website to confirm if its ready. Na only God know when e go ready.. Thanks

  36. Reply

    nice one

    • MSM
    • October 1, 2017

    I have applied for adsence and They sent me approval message but when I login to my adsence account I will see WE ARE REVIEWING YOUR SITE THIS USUALLY TAKES UPTO 3 DAYS………

    any solution for that


  37. Is still under review; the second approval.

  38. Reply

    Guy pls do you know how to verify UK Adsense in Nigeria?
    commenting from kamogtechs.com

  39. You need a trusted and functioning company website that will help you in doing it ansnyou pay for the shipping.

    • MSM
    • October 4, 2017

    Okay thanks for the information

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