Enjoy Etisalat Free 200MB Without Using Application

Etisalat is here again with its amazing offer that gives Free 200MB to all their customers on a successful task. Not long ago, I published an article concerning the Etisalat offer which can be activated using an official Etisalat Android application and I discovered that everyone was not able to activate it due to slow network connectivity.

The Free 200MB can be used to browse, surf, stream online videos, stream online games and of course, it can be used on desktop (using modem), iOS devices, Android devices, game consoles and many others.

This way is more preferable as you will register through Etisalat official website without wasting your data to activate the offer by downloading their Android application. So, let’s go on activation.

How To Activate Etisalat Free 200MB Without Downloading The Application

  • Firstly, open your browser e.g latest Opera, Mozilla Firefox and other strong browsers.
  • Then, go to Etisalat Official website.
  • Fill the boxes with your (number, email, password and security questions). That password should be in alphabet, number and capital letter e.g agbontaN100 and in the security aspect, set a question for your self and answer it.
  • Now, tap on GET SECURE CODE and it will be sent to you via SMS or email. 
  • Paste the code and Tap on SUBMIT.

Now, your registration is successfully and after that, wait for 24 hours to receive your FREE 200MB. You can also check your data by dialing *228# and that’s all.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to activate this offer, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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  1. Reply

    let me try

  2. Reply

    Thanks for this post, and its very helpful

    Commenting From
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  3. Try it and share me your testimony

  4. Reply

    gonna try it asap and share my testidata. thanks.

  5. Reply

    NYC development from d last one,buh like I said b4,its a pity I'm not using etisalat

  6. Reply

    i just did mine now….waiting for positive response

  7. Reply

    it's worked but took a whooping 24hours to arrive.
    nice info

  8. Reply

    it's worked but took a whooping 24hours to arrive.
    nice info

  9. Reply

    This is nice, I have being using Etisalat for my FOREX wok, let me try and see.. Thank you

  10. Reply

    Very nice post but I have a question how long does the MB last?

  11. Reply

    What if u have gotten before thru the normal procedure can u also get it again with this method

  12. Till the day you exhaust it.

  13. Reply

    Perfect just got mine tho Etisalat service is not strong here..Thanks Prex

  14. Reply

    Thanks for the new update but not stable

  15. Reply

    Lemme gaon try mine asap

  16. Reply

    just having issues with it. it's displaying that the details I entered has been used already by someone else

  17. Reply

    Thats cool and nice offer from etisalat bit Prex can I get d MB on my Etisalat sim I got for downloading their official app

  18. Reply

    wow!….. just got mine, tanx man

  19. Reply

    Etisalat is still helping their customer with free data some time but stingy mtn are even duping us

  20. Reply

    Great posting keep it up, click on http://www.hotbizforum.com for more similar posts.

  21. Reply

    Is this still working?

  22. Yes of course

  23. i wil try it..i hope it works..prexblog keep it up

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