Ethiopia Turn And Shut Off Internet Nationwide To Prevent Examination Malpractice

Ethiopia has really taken their examination security serious to the extent they locked and shut down their Internet as student sit for exam. Ethiopia has reportedly done this thrice in a year as this is not their first time to shut down the internet for examination sake.

As of right now, no one in Ethiopia has internet access, and it’s not because of a major power outage with telecom providers. It’s actually because students are in the midst of their exams.

According to some reports, some papers where leaked for the national grade 10 exams, forcing the government to shut down the internet access. A Google transparency report that there where sharp dropping numbers of Ethiopian visitors to its websites on Tuesday. Even till now, the access has not been restored.

The drastic and quick move of the government was because of what happened last year, activists in Ethiopia leaked papers for the national grade 12 exams and the exam was postponed because of a school shutdown in the regional state of Oromia. Of course, if no one can access the exam papers online, no one can cheat.

So, this is the third time the government has blocked internet access in Ethiopia for three times in 12 months. The government also blocked internet access in July 2016 after University exam were leaked online and was also blocked off again in August 2016.

I think all countries should follow this method to prevent all examination malpractice in order for students to focus more on their academic life.

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  1. That,s a great move from Ethiopia government and their telecom service provider, since is just not to allow candidates to engage in exam malpractices , I hope Nigeria can do the same .

  2. In Nigeria govt will only waste their time. As dem block internet, we use special kind of intranet. If you don't know what I mean, ask jambites that write jamb in locations with poor network so no internet.

  3. I think they are lacking security. They need more experienced digital workers to work for them. Raising this type of idea will make them slow in technology

  4. I really am happy with d way dey are tackling exam malpractice in ethiopia,Nigeria should try to imitate them bcuz d internet is one very strong tool students use nowadays especially WhatsApp

  5. it has its negative and positive impacts. malpractice will always be there as far they collect bribe. if you are given 1million just to conduct an examination, won't you accept it? it takes the Divine Grace from God to decline the offer

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