Everything you need to know about the new coming Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone

Are you surprised about the coming of Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone? That’s the technology world we live in because they must make sales. Just imagine, Samsung Galaxy S9 was recently launched and they are already planning the launch of Galaxy S10 this year or next year.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the presumably upgraded version, Galaxy S10+, will be the best phones released by Samsung for years. They will be the first phones from Samsung to come with 3D face scanner and they are expected to go up against three new iPhones from Apple.

These are the features and rumours we have heard about the Samsung Galaxy S10 and of course, things will change dramatically in the coming months.

A 3D Face Scanner

Samsung has been criticised for not having a 3D face scanner to compete with Apple iPhone X Face ID unlock feature. Samsung has partnered with 3D camera from Mantis Vision to finally get a 3D face scanner into the new coming Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ smartphone. Moreover, this will enable Samsung compete with the Apple’s Face ID unlock feature.

In-screen fingerprint reader and bezel-less

According to Indian Express – the World Intellectual Property Organization, published a Samsung patent filing that describes a new bezel-less smartphone with fingerprint scanner under the display. Let’s just hope they appeared on Galaxy S10 because the smartphone name wasn’t revealed.

Samsung will still stick with Qualcomm

Samsung recently announced in February that it had invested $5.6 billion in a new factory to build 7-nanometer chipsets. This will allow for a smaller chip and will also pave way for the company to a variety of design changes with the extra room that will be available in the handset.

Samsung Galaxy S10 released date

There are two dates predicted for Samsung to released the Galaxy S10: if Samsung sticks to calendar or other years timetable, the Galaxy S10 will be launched in February 25, 2019 but if they follow a similar pattern of the Galaxy S9, the Galaxy S10 will be launched by mid March 2019.

What’s your say about the coming Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone?


  1. The fact that Samsung runs on android gives it an edge over Apple but thyre trying their best so far. They just need to bring in something new nd different. I feel most brands recycle phones nd give them bigger ram nd Rom that stamp them with new name these days

  2. The competition between apple and Samsung is a interesting one but, we need a third major player. Phone looks good but nothing really new tho

  3. Truly, you guys are right @marvel @ayo. Their phone really good but no new innovative stuff,featuring grew specs.. i hope they quickly rectify this issue.

  4. Wait guys are u trying to compare Apple with Samsung, bro if its apple it can be apple,but Samsung are trying their best anyway

  5. But I think you guys can compare Samsung to apple devices but no one can be compare to the king of smartphones called the tecno product.

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