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Exchange Old phone To New Phone At Slot Nigeria

Exchange your kpalasa mobile phone to a brand new phone at Slot Nigeria. Slot collaborate and partnered with Matrix to bring out this amazing service to swap your old mobile phone to new device of your choice.

Why I love this service is that you can swap that your cracked screen phone, bricked phone, virus infested phone, faulty old (tied with rubber band) phone and other common problems especially those using Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Nokia Lumia, Tecno, Infinix and lots more.

Meanwhile, The slot trade-in service is currently available in all stores in Abuja, Lagos, Abeokuta, Port-Harcourt, Kano, Onitsha, Kaduna, Uyo, Aba, Owerri, Calabar, Benin, Enugu and other states.

How To Swap Your Old Phone To New Device At Slot Nigeria

  • Firstly, walk in any Slot nearest to you with your old mobile phone and present it to Matrix (which are the people partnering with Slot to render this service) also known as REP.
  • Then, fill a form stating your mobile phone current condition.
  • The Matrix or REP will inspect the phone and tell you the amount and if you are satisfied with the amount, you will get a voucher for the amount.
  • Now, add some money to the voucher amount and get a brand new phone.

The state of your phone condition determines how much they will price it and good phone without fault will be welcome with a good price.

If your phone is stolen, you should register it in this website in order to prevent someone from switching a stolen phone to a new one. The staff will verify it to exchange.

Is it helpful? Are you not ready to exchange that your smartphone?


  1. Godpower ogaga Godpower ogaga May 14, 2017

    pls admin what is the different between hackers and programmer

  2. abdulrahman yusuf abdulrahman yusuf May 14, 2017

    nyc one from slot,oga prex pls how long is d offer going to last and do they also swap a faulty phone for a 2nd hand or used phone in a good condition

  3. Bright Bright May 14, 2017

    cool! can I swap note 2 with note 3?

  4. Bright Bright May 14, 2017

    that's obvious to me. programmers program while hackers hack

  5. Godpower ogaga Godpower ogaga May 14, 2017

    admin >most you add money what if the is a new one like a week old

  6. Toriola Azeez Toriola Azeez May 14, 2017

    please were this people dey in Ibadan and how can I get there

  7. Bright Bright May 14, 2017

    hope the amount will be less. really need the swap. they should create sth like a notice board in their site showing the sensitive amount one should hold while coming inorder to be informed

  8. Unknown Unknown May 14, 2017

    The prices are ridiculous I've been there
    Phone I bought 65k used for a month in perfect working condition and I wanted to swap for a new phone that was 75k they told me to add 30k

  9. Hackers are evil while programmers are good. Hackers penetrates unauthorized place for fraud while programmers use it to make legit money.

  10. Bright Bright May 14, 2017

    they aren't serious about it

  11. abdulrahman yusuf abdulrahman yusuf May 14, 2017

    dats gud 2 hear,but d best thing is 4 someone to sell his or her current phone den add some money to buy a new one bcuz even if d phone u want to swap is just a day old dey wouldn't give it its real value just because dey don't want to b on d losing side

  12. abdulrahman yusuf abdulrahman yusuf May 14, 2017

    d only way DAT might favour someone is to just sell ur current phone den use d money to buy a new one

  13. Godpower ogaga Godpower ogaga May 14, 2017

    is to sell the current phone and add money and buy a new one…

  14. Naskid Naskid May 14, 2017

    Pls.. I need good SEO for my blog, I want my blog post to appear on Google search, and other search engines How can i do It plz


    But I believe they are just trying to do swap business, and I think they will like make more profit

  16. Akinremi Seun Akinremi Seun May 14, 2017

    What is new to me in dis post was i can swap brick phone…thats interesting

  17. meeky bash meeky bash May 15, 2017

    That is cool but i hvn't see them in my area

  18. Badmus Adebayo Badmus Adebayo May 16, 2017

    Not all hacking are evil. There are two types, white hat hacking and black hat hacking. The white hat is legal.

  19. Unknown Unknown July 27, 2017

    I want to sell my Tecno camon C8, its less than a year old and in perfect condition, I just want to buy a higher phone. Interested persons can reach me

  20. Anonymous Anonymous August 19, 2017

    please can i swap my itel iNote Prime 1701 with Tecno Camon c8, or C9, and what's, the price to add?

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