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Expect the Hot 9 and Hot 9 Plus as Infinix Mobile collaborates with MTN and 9mobile

The Hot 6 and Hot 6 Pro are the latest mobile devices from Infinix Mobility Limited – owned by a Transsion Holdings Company, at the time of this post. It has collaborated with MTN and 9mobile to introduce Hot 9 and Hot 9 Plus into the smartphone markets in Nigeria.

Jay Liu, the country manager, speaking at the launch held in Akoka, Lagos last week, compliments the quality of the Hot 6 and Hot 6 Pro double cameras for high quality photography.

Jay Lui, Infinix Country Manager
Jay Liu speaking during the launch at Akoka, Lagos

See what he said below;

“We at Infinix Mobility Limited have noticed the impact of good quality imagery in today’s society and have structured our smartphones to not only have remarkable photo centric features but consumers that are predominantly young, tech savvy trendsetter.

“The Hot series has gained a lot of popularity since its emergence into the consumer market due to its splendid camera centric features that appeal to its youthful vibrant target audience.”

Jay Liu further revealed that the Hot 6 was released in collaboration with 9mobile, while the Hot 6 Pro was introduced in conjunction with MTN Nigeria.

He said, “This entails that with every purchase of the Hot 6 at any authorized 9mobile retail shop and every purchases of Hot 6 pro at any authorized MTN retail shop, the consumer is guaranteed lots of freebies which include a huge internet data bonus to stay connected for a long period of time.”

Since the coming of Hot 9 and Hot 9 Plus has been revealed, what do you have to say about the devices and collaboration?

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Expect the Hot 9 and Hot 9 Plus as Infinix Mobile collaborates with MTN and 9mobile
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