Good news for young Nigerian graduates and tech-savvy individuals who dream of replicating or even surpassing the exploits of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple founders and other tech heavyweights in the American Silicon Valley.

Today, a connected and concern Nigerian, Chief Temitope Ajayi, Chairman, Silicon Valley Nigeria Economic Development, a minority CEO in the Valley, has perfected plans to replicate Silicon Valley in Nigeria.

A recent estimate by App Annie, a United States Marketing research company, stated that earning from apps are expected to hit 189 billion dollar by 2020. This is something that Nigerians must key into and benefit from. And this estimate is only from apps! The possibilities to leverage on available specialise knowledge on technology are endless.

According to her, professors from Ivy Leagues universities in USA such as Harvard, Standford, New York and San Francisco are coming to the country to train Nigerians in the latest knowledge on Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Startups, Software Engineering, Cloud and so many other areas.

Chief Ajayi bemoaned the fact that Nigerians are losing out in cornering a big chunk of the big money coming out of Silicon Valley.

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She actually condemned a situation where no Nigerian has been able to sell an app for a million dollar till date. Yet, as we all know Facebook bought WhatsApp in February, 2014 for 19 billion dollar! What if it was a Nigerian company, can you imagine the endless possibilities?

I was with her three days ago when she spoke to a Nigerian living in Silicon Valley who made 10 million dollars from Bitcoin last year. These are the kind of opportunities Mama Diaspora has packaged for the youth of this country.

After the success of Warren Buffett’s intervention in India, and the subsequent rise of that country as a major force in the ICT ecosystem ( with IT contracts outsource to firms in India from Silicon Valley), it is time for Nigeria to emerge as the next ICT destination.

Heavyweights in the Silicon Valley such as IBM, Cisco, Oracle and others are already on board to provide necessary backing to this movement to transform Nigeria technology landscape.

From Feb12th to 17th, 2018, SV-NED is set to hold an immersion programme at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos and February 19th -23rd, 2018, Abuja.
According to Mama Diaspora, after the one week intensive training, the best 30 candidates are going to America for further training and job placement with tech giants in silicon valley.**Watch her on this NTA programme starting from 43minutes******

Aside that, the remaining candidates are going to be placed in what is called an incubator in the country for six months for further training. They would be paid three hundred dollar each month as stipend by these tech companies supporting the programme.

It is the set of people that would be given the opportunity to become world class tech gurus and help build a Silicon Valley in Nigeria. Also for the training, each participant would receive a computer for person use.

However, to due to limited space and resources, and to ensure only committed applicants apply, the training will not be free. ( It has been argued that Nigerians don’t appreciate free things, but rather abuse such opportunities).

Applicants are therefore expected to pay 1000 dollar for registration. Already, a PDP bigwig in Lagos state has already paid for 65 people and a CEO in Yaba has also foot the bill of 10 people.

How to register

To register visit:

After registration, send a copy of your receipt to or by WhatsApp to 08068320299.

You can be a part of the movement to transform Nigeria from a developing country into an emerging market.

You can also confirm this news from Guardian.

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