It’s becoming worse every day as Facebook has successfully launched a new feature called “Disputed tag” to flag or fight fake news stories on your wall or anywhere you see them. So if you see any story on your newsfeed with this tag that says “Disputed by and Politifact“. It definitely means that the story is fake.

In doing this, Facebook, the largest social media platform won’t have any fake story as all will be flagged. Alot of fake news has been published on Facebook and this feature will reduced them and will make Facebook more trustworthy and interesting.

This disputed tag feature works in this way: If a user or even you flagged a news story as fake, it will be passed to third-party fact-checking organization by Facebook and when they have confirmed it that is fake, Facebook will add the disputed tag on the post. However, if you share a story with a flagged story, you will be warned before you share them.

Not only that, Facebook is already taking a list of sites that post fake news and when they post any news in the future, it will be flagged automatically.

This way will definitely reduce the spread of fake news online. However, this feature is available for some users and will soon roll out for everyone.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this Facebook latest disputed tag feature?

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