Facebook Live Streaming Now Available On Desktop, Checkout!

One of the best features of Facebook, Live video. Is now available  for desktop users too. Before now, it was only available for mobile users so Facebook has now successfully bring the feature to your PC not only by using it on mobile devices like tablet or smartphones.

So the company announced that the feature would be available for all desktop users today and will offer a stable camera setup that will work perfectly on certain content types such as Questions&Answers, Vlogs, or Tutorials.

How To Start A Live Broadcast From Your Computer

  • Firstly, login your Facebook account.
  • Then tap on LIVE VIDEO from the top of your newsfeed or timeline.
  • Then add description and choose the audience for your live video and publish – just the way it is done on mobile.

What do you have to say about this latest feature from Facebook?

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    Great post 4 d PC user's… Pls add me to WhatsApp group… 08163849159

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    Did nc from den!!

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    gr8 one from facebook

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    Nice update.

  5. Ok

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    Streaming on Facebook lite??, omo this type of communication self.
    This pple don go, nothing den no go do sef

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