Falcon Mobi Cleaner: Game & Battery Booster, Remove Junks, CPU Cooler

What does a junk cleaner do?

Android junk cleaner apps have been stocking the Play Store for a long time now. With a huge chunk of our daily lives being programmed by smartphones, these mobile cleaner apps have become one of the most common applications you can find on the store these days.

In simple words, what they do is they optimize your phone to keep it running smoothly. And how do they do it? They delete all unwanted residual junk files to free up memory space.

What is junk to you may not be junk to a different user. It all depends on how you treat it for your usage. For example, if the media folder on a certain social platform is junk to you, it may not be the case for another user.

Then again, there are a few common category of junk files like temporary files, residual files, app cache, system cache, APK files and residual empty folders that everyone needs to get rid of. An android cleaner helps you delete such files with minimalistic effort.

You have to be careful while sweeping such files. Though it is most convenient to automate the task, there definitely should not be any harm in reviewing the files before deleting them (especially those large ones).

Most app cleaner target large video files as junk files and suggest you to delete them. Hence, you need to make sure of the cleaner’s reliability and accuracy for that matter.

What can Falcon Mobi Cleaner do for you?

Your phone cleaner functions to speed up your android device. Though its difference may not be comparable, it has a huge impact. On one hand cached data may help load things faster, but on the other, too much clutter lead to performance issues. Cleaning these files from time to time can speed up your device.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is what that comes to our minds when referring about the best android optimizer for your smartphone. The junk cleaner offers a lot of features with an unquestionably easy user interface. You get to clean residual files, obsolete APKs, app caches, app caches and so on in a single tap.

Considered as one of the easiest android cleaning apps, it can instantly clean my phone and boost it for better performance. The app comes with six distinct modules which can be accessed from the home screen. They include Junk Cleaner, Phone Boost, Social Cleaning, Battery Saver, Duplicate Photos and App Manager. Other than these, features like CPU cooler, Notification Cleaner, and Game Booster are added to speed your android phone even if it lacks in not-so-impressive hardware specs.

Junk Cleaner

This utility is easily the main highlight of the app. It cleans junk and cache files from your Android device to reclaim your storage space. With   junk cleaner, you get a complete package that detects and deletes app cache, system cache, temp files and apk files in just a tap.


  1. It analyzes junk files and boosts your device by freeing up storage space.
  2. It scans all infected files in your device and fixes them.
  3. It increases device performance by identifying residual files and cleaning them up instantly.
  4. This perfect optimization application is easy to install and navigate.
  5. The app cleans all app cache, system cache, temp files, APK files and empty folders in your phone.
  6. It consumes very low memory and CPU usage and prevents it from overheating.

Phone Boost

This feature is particularly awesome if you are into heavy gaming. It kills heavy tasks running on the background (provided you are not using it) for better speed. The phone booster reduces unnecessary clutter and improves performance


  1. It is a one-tap phone booster app to accelerate the speed of your android smartphone.
  2. It analyzes and detects all active processes slowing down your device.
  3. It kills unresponsive task to take care of processing speed of your device.
  4. Also functions as a RAM booster for a thrilling gaming experience.
  5. It instantly clears up space and also slows down power consumption.
  6. The application does not require root permission to boost your android device.

Social Cleaning

This module is a both time and memory saver for those who are always active on social media. It scans media files saved on social apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. to clear cache data and boosts its performance.


  1. It manages and lets you cleans unnecessary files from the same screen.
  2. It scans for sent and received files (images, videos and the likes) from social apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Skype to delete social data cluttering your device space.
  3. It clears cache files to boost phone performance.

Battery Saver

Falcon Mobi Cleaner’s battery saver is all about its awesome power settings that prevents your battery from running out quite early than it is supposed to be. The app tames high power consuming parameters like Wi-Fi, Vibration, and Brightness etc. by turning them off when not in use.


  1. It automatically detects high power consuming applications and kills them for optimized battery performance.
  2. It offers secure charging, displays battery temperature and monitors the cause of overheating of your android device.
  3. The app displays the storage space available and all its hardware features.
  4. The app lets you create custom-built profile to take care of personalized power settings.
  5. It keeps your battery temperature under control.
  6. It stops apps running on the background to extend battery life.

Duplicate Photos

Duplicate photos cleaner offers you the privilege of not having to swipe through hundreds of photos to clean the duplicate ones cluttering your smartphone. It recovers a huge chunk of storage space, optimize your device and in the process boosts its performance.


  1. The app is the perfect photo organizer that identifies blurry poor quality shots and deletes them.
  2. It lets you customize your scanning criteria according to location and saved folders.
  3. The app lets you customize your photos and delete them according to the degree of duplicity.
  4. Its surprisingly good UI makes the app quite easier to understand.
  5. It has the ability to learn how you like to keep you gallery and sorts it accordingly.

App Manager

App Manager makes it easier to manage all installed apps and apk files in your device. It lets you navigate through detailed information of various apps while deciding to uninstall them. You can even backup apk files for future restore.


  1. It is a light-weight tool designed to monitor applications that does not require much permission.
  2. It lets you manage all installed applications at the same time.
  3. You can uninstall apps that you do not use (except system apps) from the application itself.
  4. The app lets you backup apk files so that you are able to restore them in the future.

CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler is your professional cooling master for your android device. It saves your battery power, optimize CPU usage and cools down your phone. The app extends your battery life while maintaining its health at the same time.


  1. It is a very lightweight app that do not consume much space.
  2. It accurately detects phone temperature and save battery power.
  3. It detects high power consuming heating processes running on the background and kills them.
  4. It releases RAM memory for better performance durability.
  5. It lowers phone temperature by controlling app that causes the battery to overheat.
  6. The apps notifies when the phone is overheated and needs cooling.

Notification Cleaner

If you are tired of notifications blinking from various apps every now and then, notification cleaner should be the most efficient manager at your service. You can block notifications from bloatware and instead of toggling between notifications for applications individually you can manage them from one place.


  1. It lets you manage notifications from several applications at the same location.
  2. It lets you manage notifications under a single listing to avoid cluttering of the notification bar.
  3. The app lets you clear unwanted notifications with ease by saving your time.
  4. You will never miss an important message with notification cleaner.

Game Booster

With game booster, you can experience thrilling gaming hours with minimum lag. Boost your device’s performance in a few seconds. Unleash the most out of your android device like never before. Automatically solve RAM issues and boost game by up to 50-60% with game booster.


  1. It releases RAM memory by killing high power consuming apps running on the background.
  2. It sets your game to top priority so that you can have a better gaming experience.
  3. It prevents the CPU from overheating to avoid game lag while playing.
  4. The app blocks unnecessary network tasks on the background to clear up its speed during multi-player gaming sessions.

How to get the app?

  1. Select the Google Play Store icon on your Android phone to launch the application.
  2. Type ‘Falcon Mobi Cleaner’ on search bar and click on the latest version. The icon resembles a Flacon in a shield.
  3. Tap on Install to download the app. Install it.
  4. When the application is installed, it will automatically create a shortcut on your home screen. Tap on it to launch Falcon Mobi Cleaner and enjoy a smoother and optimized experience with your android smartphone.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is the best choice for boosting your android device to unleash its maximum capacity. From boosting performance, social cleaning, battery optimization, deleting duplicate photos, managing apps, cooling the CPU to boosting your gaming experience, this junk cleaner app does it all.

It is easy and simple. You can download Falcon Mobi Cleaner application by   clicking here.