Free Data For Complete 1 Year From Etisalat Network

Etisalat keep dishing out data for their users in order to get more customers into their network. Just recently, they released a way to get Free 200MB and now, you can now get complete 1 year free data, if only you purchase a new smartphone this year.

If you activate your new smartphone on the etisalat network, you will get 1.5GB instant free data valid for 30 days plus 100% bonus on all monthly data plans purchases in the first 6 months and 50% bonus on all monthly data plans purchases in the second 6 months and the 1.5GB data valid for 30 days from activation. Meanwhile, this offer is available for new and old subscribers.

How To Activate Etisalat 1 Year Free Data

  • Firstly, get a new smartphone either from etisalat experience centers or authorized phone retailers in the open market nationwide.
  • Then, open your smartphone and you would found a PIN, then send the PIN to 8186 or send it directly by dialling *8186*PIN#.
  • Then, your offer will be activated immediately and thereafter, you can start enjoying the offer till complete 1 year.

You can also check your data balance by dialling *228# and why I love this data is that, it can download, Surf, browse and of course, it works on all devices or anything that can connect to the internet.

Is it helpful? Have you activated your Etisalat 1 year free data?

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  1. Reply

    Can you tweak the imei?

  2. Yea…but nobody has the IMEI

  3. Reply

    I have the imei I got it when I bought itel last month and just activated 1.5 g today..I tried severally to tweak the imei but its says the imei has been used :/

  4. Reply

    NYC one from dem

  5. Reply

    Samuel has just drop the imei

  6. Reply

    Samuel just drop the imei

  7. Reply

    Samuel just drop the imei. we can generate new ones

  8. Just send me the IMEI via my email:

  9. Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Reply


  11. Reply

    nc update thanks

  12. Reply

    Thanks for this post, and its very helpful

    Commenting From
    Naijatechviral-Home Of Tech

  13. Reply

    Thanks for the post I hope I can get d imei

  14. Reply

    Samuel drop the imei here so far we can generate new ones

  15. Reply


  16. Reply

    Nice update. Plz watz the pin after tweaking the imei

  17. Pls Wat the pin after tweaking imei ?

  18. Reply

    is that the imei

    • Anonymous
    • May 24, 2017

    Which pin are we to send

  19. Reply

    am waiting ooo

  20. Reply


  21. Reply

    Oga prexblog I can see here that everbody is talking about tweaking the imei to get the offer… I want to let you know that it won't work because the code etisalat is talking about is a secret code that is inside the carton of the new phone which is 6-8digit pin is the one that will b used…. Am saying this because have experienced it…..

  22. Reply

    ok i see

  23. PIN to 8186

  24. The correct IMEI and the PIN is required…. I can activate millions of sims using one phone PIN….

    Don't you see the previous Etisalat 1GB offer?

  25. Reply

    has anyone tweak it..mine is not working

  26. I need help on how I can download YouTube videos using uc mini handler, with glo unlimited 0.0k.

  27. Reply

    Etisalat user u people are really enjoyin oo

  28. Reply

    If not that i lost my smart phone i will have buy eti sim

  29. When on YouTube video….delete the www. on the URL link on the page to watch the film, then add ss and it will take you to where to download it.

  30. Reply



    500MB N400

    1GB N700

    2GB N1,400

    5GB N2,900

    10GB N5,900


    To Check Data Balance *461*2# or *131*4#


    1.6GB N1,000

    3.75GB N1,900

    5GB N2,300

    6GB N2,750

    8GB N3,650

    12GB N4,600

    16GB N7,300

    30GB N13,600

    45GB N16,300


    To Check Your Data Balance *127*0#

    Buy More Cheap Data Today Call WhatsApp -08132807742

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