Glo Announced September 28, 2017 As 200MB Free Data Day

Globacom “free data day offer” was rumoured to have been stopped by NCC – Nigerian telecommunications commission, but that wasn’t true. However, they have successfully announced September 28, 2017 as another day for “Free data”.

If you are using Glo network, you can get qualified for this offer by using 250naira for voice calls or 150naira on voice calls plus 100MB in the preceding week.

When you are qualified for the bonus, you should then be fully prepared to get your 200MB bonus data on September 18.

Meanwhile, the “Free data day” has been greatly advertised on televisions, radio, social media and among others.

How are you preparing for the Glo Free data day?


  1. Wow that's really good to know.

    At first, I thought NCC has done their usual wrong by putting an end to what I see as a competition boost amongst this networks in the area of data cost and data cap. Glad it wasn't stopped.

    However, if you ask me, I'd say 200mb for a whole day is not really worth the struggle to qualify.

    Connecting such data to PC can only go for 30 mins. So I think this is targeted to the low data consumers.

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