Glo recently launched a new offer to add extra value for their new and existing customers. It welcomes new customers on Glo network with preloaded N200,000 that can be used for call, browse, SMS and to call any Glo line when they recharge.

The locked bonus which is the N200,000 can be exhausted within 6 months while the unlocked bonus which are the data and voice voice bonus valid for 30 days.

This offer package can be activated by existing customer by just dialling *244# while new users receives the bonus automatically.

However, the bonus can be used to browse, SMS, call and to also call all Glo lines.

The N200,000 will be automatically given to any customers on Glo jumbo package but your recharges will unlock the bonus I.e you need to always recharge to unlock the N200,000 preloaded credit.

These are the bonus you will get when you recharge;

So, your recharges unlock the bonus till it gets to N200,000. And also, your main recharge credit goes to your main account while your bonus goes to your jumbo bonus account.

Assuming you load N100, an amount of N2,200 will be depleted from the N200,000 as 100naira main recharge goes to main account while N500 goes to bonus account and 50MB will be given to you at the value of N1,600 and vice versa.

The N200,000 valid for 6 months, after that day, the user will be migrated to Glo Gbam Plus of Onnet-11k/s and Offnet-15k/seconds.

So, you can check locked Welcome Back Gift by dialling *122*23# and you can also check unlock bonus airtime by dialling *122*24# .

Note that international calls and SMSs will be charger from main account not jumbo account.

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