Glo Reacts To Data Volume Reduction, Checkout!

Glo Nigeria also known as the grandmaster of data plan reduced their data volume bundle yesterday without informing customers about the sudden action. Hmm, no prior notice and this has led the data consumers confused with questions. Meanwhile, this reduction was not as it seems as Glo Nigeria explained to a concerned Glo subscriber.

Just yesterday after the sudden reduction of data volume, a concerned Glo subscriber went into Glo official page and asked a question why the sudden reduction of data volume and this is what Glo Nigeria had to say about it;

Glo subscriber question: @GloWorld can you people give me a very good reason why you reduce your data from 3GB to 1.4GB for 1000 one month.

Glo Answered saying: Hello, “data caps” has not been reduced. Subscriber who does not resubscribe 3 days after data expiration will get half the plan TT

As shown below;

So, this actually means if you activate any subscription, you should always try to reactivate it before 3days to the expiration date of that data plan in order to get Glo old data plan otherwise, your data subscription will be half.

Autorenewing will certainly be of help in reactivating data plan immediately it expires. To activate autorenewal send ACCEPT to 127 and your subscription of 1,000naira will always give you 3.2GB as usual.

What do you have to say about this new system of Glo Data subscription? Is it cool?

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  1. Reply

    Alright Das der own explanation Thanks for the update

  2. Reply

    Adenuga dnt no say all finger are not equal In dis time of no money
    person must find no money in other to subscribe quickly umm

  3. Reply

    it's just for their advantage. I knew they had their reason. admin installing of stock ROMs using sp flash tool, does it have anything to do with rooting? must my phone be unrooted or rooted

  4. Reply

    yes , this is what people need to keep doing when something like this happened and I think reaction of customers toward this reduction of data volume will help them look over the issues

  5. Yes root or unroot…..

  6. Reply

    I fear I was alredy thinking of migrating to mtn data plan,if not 4 their GLO 0.0 KB I would av dumped d Sim…tanx 4 d update sha

  7. Reply

    thanks for the info

  8. Reply

    Sound funny….juz h@te dis glo network with passion

    • Anonymous
    • April 29, 2017

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  9. Reply

    They are crazy is it but force to sub quickly

  10. Reply

    They are crazy is it but force to sub quickly

  11. Reply

    They are crazy is it but force to sub quickly

  12. Reply

    I would have dumped mine too if not for the Glo 0.0kb free browsing

  13. Yea…I will do that.

  14. Reply

    When someone downloaded an apps from Google play store and later he uninstalled the app where is the exact file folder he need to know for the apps to reinstalled them ?

  15. It won't store in your folder….you have to reinstall again.

  16. Reply

    Lol God catch them

    Nice article

    How to get 600mb for free on airtel

  17. Reply

    When u download apps from playstore , it only install as apk directly to your fone, it doesn't have raw file , so when u delete it u will need to reinstall it again, Thus u can download APK EXTRACTOR via playstore then make of it to create raw file of any app in case u want to uninstall it, u can easily access d folder then install it back!

  18. Reply

    that's one of the reason I don't like play store. you won't be able to get the raw file. I was downloading asphalt 8 airborne from there and it stopped and somewhere cuz of network.

    but when network was restored back, it started from square 1. it didn't continue from the about 853mb it stopped at

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