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Globacom; The Grandmaster of Bad And Poor Network – Onasanya Tunde

Globacom Limited (or GLO) is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Lagos. Glo is a privately owned telecommunications carrier that started operations on 29 August 2003. It currently operates in four countries in West Africa, namely Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

When Glo started operation in Nigeria back in 2003, It was considered a life saver and it changed the industry for good, Already Glo was winning customers over and the Chairman Mike Adenuga being a Nigerian gave that sense of comfort to Nigerians. The rest is history.


Self proclaimed Grand masters of Data, but they fail to reckon with the fact that they are rushing everything while trying to catch up with other competitors in the game. Whereas, they are like stagnant water or even worse as they are merely retarding. They fool Nigerians with cheap data plans in which they cannot use.

I sincerely have to commend Glo for giving us access to cheap data plans, very cheap and affordable, i must admit. Currently, they offer us the cheapest data plans in the country but an average Nigerian would still have to settle for more expensive plans from other competitors. They knew our plight and they came through for Nigerians, because in an industry where 200mb was given out for 1000 naira, Glo all of a sudden raised the bar and started giving out 3.2gb for the 1000naira and evidently, it was out of this gesture other networks reviewed their various data plans.

It would not have been an issue if Glo was unable to cover the whole Nigeria, I mean which network can? The fact that they are unable to cover majority of the country is where the issue lies.

I have heard different sorts of complains in the past, even a twitter user questioned whether the “Chairman Globacom Mike Adenuga browse with Glo?” but my personal experience is even worse than having bad network. In my campus at Ibogun, Globacom would switch off their Network mast for weeks claiming they do not have diesel to run the generator, it became very unbearable as data became useless, then after refueling the generator they would switch it off around 9pm and switch on around 6am.

Sometimes, I wonder whether they are not losing subscribers, but According to NCC, since they reviewed their data plans to be the cheapest, they have been gaining more customers than other competitors every month. Well, it’s normal to get more customers if you offer cheap services and recently, I was told by a fan on Whatsapp that “But they are cheap, what you buy is what you get“, and I was left dumbfounded. The fact that the data plans are cheap, does not necessary mean I should not get the value of what I paid for.

Recently, they did introduced a package that I found amusing, you would have to renew your data plan immediately it finishes or else you would get half of what you ought to get. For example, if you subscribed for the N1000 plan which gives you 3.2GB, then you failed to auto renew it. You would get half of that the next time you resubscribe. I would love to dive into how they are starting to succumb to pressure from other competitors but lets stick to the script.

Below is a customer’s Report of how poor network is in his location. Oluwole Isreal pointed out, saying:

“Of all the cellular network providers operating in Nigeria right now, Glo has the cheapest data plans. The GSM network has always come to the rescue of Nigerians, introducing insane tariffs that often make other network providers adjust their plans and pricing. When it introduced its latest data plans. Recently, a lot of Nigerians thought liberation had come and I wasn’t an exception.

“It’s a known fact that Glo network isn’t the best around but it is actually getting worse. I subscribed to the 24GB data plan for N5,000 and I ended up regretting this move. The network quality has been so terrible that I haven’t been able to cross 50% of the data allocation and it’s almost 20 days.

“MTN offers this same amount of data for N10,000 and I thought getting it for ₦5,000 with Glo was a great way to save some money. I was wrong. Network quality on the Glo network varies by location, everyone knows this. However, the coverage in most regions is terrible.”


This network issue is going out of hands and seeming like a mission impossible for Glo because, despite all the complains from users all over the country, there has been no improvement. Then I begin to wonder that is it the second richest man even using this network everywhere he goes?

Have Your Say! 

What’s your take on the Bad network? Rate The Network Coverage in your area, and how do you think they can improve this network?

Author: Written by Onasanya Tunde, the Chief Executive Officer of Rammyblog. He writes about network and gives solutions to PC, phones and other accessories.


  1. ojekunle lateef ojekunle lateef July 21, 2017

    It's true oooo.. They should upgrade real time… If I'm home I don't have network coverage at all..
    Glo network is bad but some people are enjoying it tho.. I'll rate them 2 out of 10….

  2. Bright Bright July 21, 2017

    they should try to improve.

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