Google About To Change Its Mobile Search UI, And It Looks Ugly

Google, the world most popular search giant is testing a new interface for its mobile version but the design looks awful. We all know Google is the best place in the world to search for nearly everything in the world and get answers from several websites even Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and lots more overwhelms for its popularity.

Now, Google decision to change the user interface of its Google search mobile version user interface to black design. Google is still normal but has dropped the usual blue and green for titles and URL breadcrumbs and replaced it with black. See the old and new interface of Google mobile search interface.

Old Mobile Search UI
Coming Google mobile search UI

I don’t really know why Google would think of the idea to change the design because the formal design is more beautiful, simplied and well highlighted with blue color for faster understanding. It even attracts the attention of the readers.

What do you have to say about the new testing user interface of Google mobile search?

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  1. Reply

    I like the former. it will take time for everyone to adapt to this. but the former had colors to differentiate between URL and the others.

    this new one is kinda classy

  2. Reply

    if you don't like the latest…then download the older one…for both are good

  3. Reply

    pls admin is there any app that make you send sms with data

  4. Reply

    pls admin is there any app that make you send sms with data

  5. Reply

    Don't like dis coming new one even another colour is Ok

  6. Reply

    we can't say if its bad or good yet until its released, then we can compare it, but I think pple who love colors might find it attractive…. it's all about adaptation

  7. Reply

    whatsapp and fb is there to do it.

  8. Reply

    whatsapp and fb is there to do it. you can also use

    instavoice app

  9. Reply

    The old one is better

  10. Reply

    I think the old one get the readers attention more

  11. Reply

    It's their choice anyway.

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