Google Added Navigation Bottom Bars To YouTube Android App

YouTube, the world most popular video sharing platform with millions of videos uploaded by user in dialy basis, have a new feature in its latest update which was added by Google to improve the navigation system of its Android app users. Meanwhile, Google has been testing this feature since last year September and it’s now successful. Why I love YouTube is that uploaders can make money with their video for being a good vlogger. In fact, they make millions.

YouTube has successfully and officially added the navigation bottom buttons to its latest version of Android app YouTube and the buttons are everywhere in the app except when watching video and this will definitely stop you from looking for buttons to press when on the app.

ACCOUNT and LIBRARY are now separate, making it easier for you to find what you want. Your videos (playlists, watch history, uploads) resides in LIBRARY while ACCOUNT and SETTINGS can be reached at the top of the profile icon.

Lastly and not the least, the YouTube app now remembers where you left off in each tab, and when you go back you can easily pick up from there immediately.

What do you have to say about these features from YouTube?

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  1. Reply

    This is a wonderful features from YouTube make it easy for me now to use d YouTube

  2. Reply

    Me I haven't noticed this changes on my own youtube app maybe it's still a new development that need to be uograded.

  3. Reply

    Google well-done
    keep adding without subtracting the useless ones

  4. Reply

    This is an amazing features from YouTube, but I haven't noticed it on my app, may b I should update to the latest version via google playstore to enjoy the new features

  5. Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Reply

    nice move from them. I will update mine as soon as possible. but I still don't know how people make money via apps like YouTube.

  7. When you upload, you will apply adsense on it and make ya money as people watch it.

  8. Reply

    This will mak it more useful Dan b4

  9. Reply

    I think this updated version is good and again, I still expect more from Google with awesome features for all users. Google has been trying in tech

  10. Reply

    @prexB pls how can I start vd YouTube and b making little change

  11. Reply

    is it easy to get adsense approval on this one? unlike websites that is hard to get

  12. Reply

    NYC development from Google in making frequent improvements in YouTube, however oga prex,is d new feature also on YouTube red or is it only on d normal YouTube app?

  13. Reply

    Nice one life gets easier as we advance atleast no more scrolling up nd down

  14. Reply

    Steady features nice one

  15. Reply

    lemme check

  16. Reply

    confirmed….it is there

  17. Reply

    nice improvements it now easy and steady stream videos .is it available in the YouTube app

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