Last year, 2017, to be precise, Google launched a new app called Datally, with the aim to save users data from quick exhaustion.

The app was specifically designed for you to save data, control your data and of course, reduce your data usage. And now, google has added four new classic features to help users stay under their mobile data limit, and the features are Guest Mode, Daily Limit, Unused apps, and Wi-Fi map.

Google Datally App New Four Features

Guest Mode: This feature is helpful when you are not with your phone. Specifically, you can control your data when handling your phone to someone else. It can be your family member or friend. You just have to set the limit before handling the phone to someone and this will prevent him or her from burning your precious data.

Daily Limit: This feature would allow you set maximum limit you can burn throughout a day and when you get to the limit on the specific day, you would receive a warning. Now, it's your choice to stop or set another limit to continue browsing for the rest of the day.

Unused Apps: This feature would inform you about those apps you are no longer using but which are sucking a whole lot of your precious data. It's now your choice to delete those data sucking apps to save data.

Wi-Fi Map: The feature is designed to help you find any nearby WiFi connections. You would see local networks plotted on Google map and it's left for you to move closer to the one nearest to you and connect onto it to save mobile data.

Who want to lose his or her mobile data? Of course, nobody. That's why I recommend Google Datally App for for everyone to save mobile data on daily basis.

How's your experience with Google Datally App?

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