I still wonder if people still uses Google Allo like the time it was just launched hmmm WhatsApp still take over though. So Google has now successfully added two features to Google Allo; the smart sticker and sharing of documents and files.

Since Google Allo was launched for about 6 months ago, there was no way to share files and documents but after the complaint from users, Google decided to make their users happy by adding support for documents and files with the files extension of; .pdf, .doc, .apk, .zip, and .mp3. Though, WhatsApp already support this feature.

How To Share Documents And Files On Google Allo

  • Firstly, open your Google Allo mobile application or update it, if you haven’t done that.
  • Tap on PAPER CLIP icon, while you are in any Allo conversation.

  • Then you would be taken to your file manager to choose the file you wish to share.

Note: You cannot share files like Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets if you have saved them in your default format. So you need to send people the link to the Google doc or save it your Microsoft format.

So for the Smart smiley icon, you just have to tap on Smart smiley icon on the conpose bar and the app will instantly suggest to you relevant Emojis ir stickers. Meanwhile, this  smart smiley feature is only available for Brazilian Portuguese.

What do you have to say about this latest feature from Google Allo?

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