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Google Calendar App Now Available On iPad, Checkout!

Google are no more playing as they have successfully launched their calendar application and bring it to iPad. So you can now enjoy the features of the calender app. Before now, this app was only for Android users but Google had successfully optimized it for Apple iPads.

Google said in a blog post that “With the new application, you will get all the Calendar features you know and love” and you can search the calender app from your iPad home screen using spotlight search.

So this calendar app which is version 2.0.0 can now be downloaded on App store.

What do you have to say about this latest feature?


  1. kasim musa kasim musa March 30, 2017

    What's its main imfortant. I mean the calender

  2. Official Prexblog Videos Official Prexblog Videos March 30, 2017

    Just for viewing date and time but is very bad for a whole iPad not to have calendar app feature.

  3. Isah Adamu baush Isah Adamu baush March 30, 2017

    This time around Google has look into IPad and I can't believe such a phone doesn't have Google calendar app.

  4. Bright Bright March 31, 2017

    thanks for the update… admin my ppsspp doesn't support more than 2touch… just limited to 2 touches only… I want to make it three… can u help?

  5. Junia Noel Junia Noel March 31, 2017

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