Google Celebrates 2017 Valentine’s Day With Doodle Game

The search giant (Google) celebrates 2017 valentine’s day with a doodle game which appears in its homepage or Android newsfeed. The game is all about celebrating romance and even the real pangolin are on the brick of extinction which means the termite-eating animal used in this game is called pangolin.

The game is good though. I played it and is very good and addictive.

Brief Story About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day also known as Lovers day or Saint valentine’s Day, is a yearly holiday always celebrated on February 14. It originated as a Western Christian public feast day honouring one or more Saint called Valentinus. Meanwhile, the Valentine’s day is not a public holiday in every country.

This man called Saint Valentine was officially recognised by Roman Catholic Church and was beheaded by Emperor Claudius II for helping Christian couples wed died around AD 270.

The emperor banned marriage as he thought single men made better soldiers but Valentine wasn’t happy with this and celebrates marriages in secret. When the emperor found out, he threw Valentine in jail and sentenced him to death.

So Valentine died for the sake of love because he loves seeing people getting married and also help them get wed. So today is marked out to celebrate agape love. Although, some people celebrates it the wrong way.

How To Play Google Doodle Game

Just go to and on the top, just tap on the game and start playing.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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