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Google Cut Some Features From Google Play Games Services On Android And End Support For iOS Devices

Goodbye Google Play Games on iOS device! Google has decided to end support for Google play games services on iOS devices due to low usage and has also removed some features from Android Google play game services.

Google has found very low usage on this Play games service especially among the iOS devices and at the same time, it also found that Gifting, Requests, and Quests on the service were also low across both Android and iOS Devices. Meanwhile, iOS already has game center and doesn’t want another gaming service to spoil their market.

So, Google play games service (GPGS) will not support iOS devices in the latest Native DSK (2.3) and Gifting, Requests, and Quests will be cut off from the service on Android for a period of 12months.

Google says that in doing this, it can continue to focus on more popular features in gaming, including: Sign-in, Achievements, Leaderboards, and Multiplayer.

What do you have to say about this decision made by Google to end it’s gaming service support for iOS device and removing some features from Google play games?


  1. Bright Bright April 5, 2017

    that's totally okay with me

  2. Akinremi Seun Akinremi Seun April 25, 2017

    I dont know the usefull of this app self…all the best for them

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