Google Launched 20 Beautiful Templates For Bloggers

Google are really doing alot for Bloggers in order to beautify and for them to also stand a chance to get approved for free basics and adsense particularly. These templates was launched on the 21st Of March, 2017 around 1AM in the night.

These templates are categorised into four and each has five templates. They are called Contempo, Soho, Emporio and Notable. I tried and applied them on my blog and I noticed that they are really awesome and amazing!

They comes with quick search, new beautiful mobile view and desktop view, totally mobile friendly, new share buttons to social medias, new menu tab to view your profile and to report you as well for illegal posting, Archive at the menu bar, quick comment from homepage and lots more to explore.

I noticed that there are no sidebars widgets on the web version. So it’s just plain. However, it will be good for young and advanced bloggers who cannot customize or afford to buy premium templates because these new Templates are all free from Google.

How To Apply These Templates To Your Blog

  • Just login your blogger dashboard.
  • Then go to THEMES.
  • Select any template of your choice and click on APPLY.
  • You are done. You can now view your blog to testify.

See my template screenshots;

Search box

Sharing Buttons

Comment system

Have you applied yours and what do you have to say about this?

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  1. Reply

    Nice 1 4 blogger's…. Abeg which one is the safest way to pay for tweakwer premium account ? Is it the using of verve online payment or d 1 I would go and send it to their bank account number?

  2. Reply

    Good 1 nc post!!

  3. Verve is ok.

  4. Reply

    Great improvement from google. Nice update.

  5. Reply

    What is side bar? How does it looks like?

  6. When you view prexblog PC view, you would see many widgets at the right side. That's sidebar Widgets.

  7. Reply

    Okay, you mean those widget at the right side column right!

  8. Yea and sometimes at the left

  9. Reply

    I'm grateful for the answer. Thank you.

  10. Reply

    NYC development from Google

  11. Reply

    nice improvement…

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