Google launches “Google Go” app in Nigeria for low memory devices

In order to give faster and lighter way to access the internet, Google launched “Google Go” in 30 African countries, including Nigeria.

The application is designed to fix and resolve existing problems faced by 73% of smartphone users who uses low memory device and less than 1GB RAM storage.

According to Google, “There are about 30 million smartphone users and the number increases annually. Over, 73% of users still uses low memory storage or less than 1GB device and this causes hitches while searching on the internet.

“Google Go app is less than 5MB in size. It employs data management and compression technology and as such uses 40% less data. It has a tap first user interface that gives users one tap access to everything you are looking for.

“You can quickly re-access previous searches even when you are offline, without data charges because search are cached on the device. Web pages loads quickly on any type of network you are using; be it 2G or 4G.

“For those new smartphones or search, the Google Go app suggests top apps, trending search and is voice search enabled. With a word or phrase from your voice, Google Go can recognise desired search items.”

What’s your phone RAM and what do you have to say about Google Go App?


  1. The app is so interesting, but my own phone RAM is 3GB, i have been using the other version of the Google app. Will try this one out later.

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