Google Now Launcher will die in the next coming weeks. There are two launchers owned by Google called Pixel Launcher (only for Google Pixel phones) and Google Now Launcher which almost all Android phone are using, will no longer be in existence on the 31st of march, 2017 and to all the latest updates from google to the Launcher will also be over.

There is another problem too. Some OEMs such as Motorola that have Google Now Launcher preinstalled, will have to use Launcher3 apk open source project (AOSP) which Google provides for them as an alternative. Meanwhile, that’s the Launcher Sony has been using to swipe to the lefthome which will take you to GOOGLE NOW FEED just like on nexus device.

Well, we don’t know what will happen to nexus phones in the future.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this sudden Google decision to discontinue Google Now Launcher?

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