GoSpeed: Test your mobile and WiFi internet speed

A new app has been developed to help internet users know their mobile and Wi-Fi internet speed with just a tap and the app is called “GoSpeed“.

In less than 30 seconds, you will be able to check your internet connection download speed, Upload speed and Ping. This will provide you on how fast your network coverage is really serving you. However, it will be a special alternative to speedtest.net, since it provides accurate result.

For example, a 10mbps download speed will eventually download a 4-minute song (4MB) in 3 seconds, 5-minute video (30MB) will download in 26 seconds, a 45-minute HDTV (600MB) will download in 8.5 minutes and a 2-hour HD (4GB) movie will download in 60 minutes.

Where to Download GoSpeed App

You can download GoSpeed app to test your mobile and WiFi internet connection speed via here on playstore.

Turn on your location via your phone Quick Settings and enjoy!


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