Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA) APK + OBB Now Available For Download

With this Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA), you are entitled to enjoy exclusive adventure. This game is a very popular action-adventure game created and developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game is available on Playstation 3, consoles, Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows and more importantly, Android phones and is also the second best selling Xbox 360 video game with 17.79 millions copies sold.

GTA has successfully released another version named GTA V meaning Visa 2 with exclusive features and clean graphics. There are many weapons in this version and you get some of the ammunition after completing the game tasks or missions. It is very easy and simple to install on your android device, same way with other version installation.

Some of the game features includes; stealing of cars, armours, full HD display with beautiful graphics and using of cheats to get weapons with other things are allowed. In fact, the game is tough, addictive and demanding. Players of the game can also participate in Ninja actions.

Features Of GTA Visa 2 Also GTA V

  • There are wide range of weapons available in the game which you can opt for; chainsaw, knives, guns, swords, machine guns and many others.
  • It has a big city which you will see a different environment and lifestyles.
  • The cars are also different and in operation, you can access many cars like sports car, police cars, helicopters, SUV and others.
  • Controls are now handy and smooth.

Where To Download GTA Visa 2 Or GTA V

Your phone RAM (random access memory), tells how the game will run smoothly on your device and i recommend 2GB RAM and above on android running on 4.0 Kitkat and above should download and install this game.

  1. Firstly, download Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) APK by clicking here. (23.5MB)
  2. Secondly, download Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) OBB by clicking here. (2.41GB)
  3. Thirdly, download Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) Patch data file by clicking here. (1.42GB)

After successful download, extract the OBB file and the Patch Data file to SDcard/Android/Data Folder and finally, launch the Apk and start enjoying your game.

If you have more questions bordering you, kindly feel free to drop at the comment box below for quick response.

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  1. Reply

    My crush game is out….which cheat can i use to download it

  2. Reply

    Prexblog. This game will surely bring a lot if traffic to your blog.

    That Good.

  3. Reply

    I wonder gta v for Mobile for where it is modded of San Andres

  4. Reply

    Before real gta v can be available for Mobile it will be around 2030-2035 if Jesus never come features of phone then will be capable of running it
    Features to expect then
    CPU 4.2ghz hexa core cortex a90 octa core ****
    Gpu nvdia gt
    Ram 8gb
    40mp camera
    Network type 2g,3g network not supported only 4g,5g and 6g network supportd
    Android version 15.2.2 paramous
    9000mah battery and so on

  5. Reply

    I love dis game like kilode thanks for the link bro

  6. Reply

    bro 4.0 is Jellybean not Kitkat, Kitkat is 4.4

  7. Reply

    4.0 is actually ice cream sandwich, 4.2 is jellybean but you're right about the kitkat

  8. Reply

    Wow thanks for this. I must download it I swear… I like d game on ps3… University of Ilorin Wi-Fi will do the job for me

  9. Reply

    If you really want to relax and enjoy yourself, I'll urge you to check this game out. You won't regret it

  10. Reply

    My crush game, but I dont think dis will be d official version, may be its GTASA moded, let's rock this first, till rock star release the official version ,thanks prex

  11. Reply

    True talk bro

  12. Reply

    This is cool games for game lovers.

  13. Reply

    don't like it that much on android

  14. Reply

    @prex,what is d obb folder name? and d data folder name?

  15. Just move the file by extracting the OBB and patch data file you downloaded to OBB folder

  16. Reply

    I do not even move near dis game at all bcuz my phone doesn't meet d requirements but am hoping in future I will try d game

    • Anonymous
    • June 22, 2017

    pls is this game online??

  17. Reply

    Downloaded and enjoying the game Here

    Commenting from

  18. No

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