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Gravity Z1 – First Nigeria-Made Smartphones To Be Launched

It’s a very great and surprising news for Nigeria to launch their first made smartphone with classic specifications and features. Yea! Technology is advancing everyday but it’s hard to see Nigerians participating in Technology world but their start up will really be a great surprise for all Nigerians and a technological breakthrough – Thanks to AfriOne.

AfriOne limited will on Friday launch the Gravity Z1 smartphones and other consumer devices for Nigeria’s 170 million strong populous. This marks the availability of the first in country produced smartphones for sale in Nigeria marketplace.

AfriOne models products that utilise cutting-edge technology, reflect a modern, sleek design and lots more – hence, their motto is “AfriOne – one for everyone” and they offer feature-rich products and technological load of products to connect all Nigerians.

What do you have to say about the latest Made in Nigeria smartphone?


  1. Bright Bright April 20, 2017

    looks like Sony xperia z3+

  2. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real April 21, 2017

    Technology is really taking place in Nigeria!!!! Das Good!!

  3. Isah Adamu baush Isah Adamu baush April 21, 2017

    proudly Nigerian I really appreciated but when the phone is going to be available and what's are specs and desc.

  4. Rashidi Rashidi April 23, 2017

    Good devlopment but they should provide reliable and durable phone so that we can start patronising them.

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