Be careful of your battery especially when they start overheating. This incident occurred when a woman was on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne, Australia. She was taking a nap about 2hours of the flight, the headphones exploded on her head. Meanwhile, the safety officials refused to release details of the device and model.

As you can see above, the passenger’s face got burnt and blackened. It is not clear if she suffered more serious injuries.

Below is the description from passenger of how she got burnt to ATSB;

“As I turned around, I felt burning on my face and I immediately grabbed my face which caused the headphones to go around my neck side. I continued to feel burning so I grabbed the headphones off and immediately throw them on the floor. They were sparking and had small amounts of fire.”

However, the fire was extinguished with a bucket of water by one of the passengers. ATSB  said the cover melted and was stucked to the floor of the plane and passengers also endured the smell of burned electronics, melted plastic and burned hair which makes people coughing and choking till they got home.

The battery that caused this incident was Lithium-ion. The popular and most common Lithium-ion powered headphone that almost all the tech gadgets possessed was the one that caused this serious havoc.

ATSB cautioned plane passengers who carried any headphones that is powered by Lithium-ion to be very careful.

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