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How Much Total Have You Redeemed from Geopoll Application?

Geopoll is an app that allows you earn money based on referrals and surveys. They give you task and after answering the simple questions, you earn money.

The earned money can be cashed out as recharge card. The recharge card can be used for subscription, calling and surfing on any networks in Nigeria.

However, for those who have joined the Geopoll community, how much total have you cash out? As for me, I have redeemed more than 4,000naira recharge card.

Yet to join? Register here and start earning!

So, how much total have you cash out?


  1. Paul Damy Paul Damy September 1, 2017

    Oh. I haven't heard of this before, I have to register first.

  2. Paul Damy Paul Damy September 1, 2017

    Bt Since when have you registered?

  3. Chidowski Chidowski September 1, 2017

    Hope the tasks are easy oooo
    Let's give it a try

  4. C0nv1v14L M3 C0nv1v14L M3 September 2, 2017

    Am using zoto and it is paying #500 for each person I refer.To begin just download the zoto app and register with this referral code CHIKEC29.Then recharge as low as #50 from your bank account and and get free #500.

  5. Paul Damy Paul Damy September 3, 2017

    I've installed the app….. BT I haven't gotten any other survey apart from the two surveys I got on the first day…. Pls why is this so?

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