How To Activate 4000Naira Bonus On Etisalat For Just 200Naira

Etisalat Nigeria are currently slashing out free bonus to some of their customers and any one can participate, if only you complete the necessary task or provide the requirements.

Just some minute ago, Etisalat announced on their Facebook official page about their latest bonus, saying;

“Get back on Etisalat today to get ET. N4000 bonus instantly when you insert your SIM back in your phone & recharge N200 – if you have not used your #etisalat sim in over 30days #MissETmissOut”

This surely means that, when you recharge 200naira on a dormant sim which means, the sim you have not been using to call or browse for the past 1 month, can give you instant 4000naira bonus.

This bonus can be used to make calls and browse as Pay As You Go. It can only be activated once and as time goes on, the sim will have the chance to stand more awoof.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this bonus from Etisalat?

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  1. Reply

    Etisalat no go use awoof kill us… dey shud continue..we lik it

  2. Reply

    A whole 4k nc 1

  3. Reply

    tell me this is a joke!! we are still blazing well wit d 200naira airtime u posted

  4. Reply

    Lol. They are now making sense. Them too know that they have loose customers alot.nice etisalat and welcome back to live

  5. Reply

    wow this is really sweet from them if they would give the full 4K. they will surely succeed if they keep it up – certainty

  6. Reply

    Thats cool from them, they are making ways for free goodies, but I wish we can activating it repeatedly

  7. Reply

    gud one from dem,but active customers should also b given something to encourage dem

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