How to Activate Airtel 4GB Data for N2000 in 28 Days

Are you surprised that a 4GB data can actually last for 28 days? Airtel already has the offer but many people are not making use of it probably, because they have no knowledge of it. With just 2,000naira, you can activate 4GB data which will valid for 28 days.

Normally, Airtel has an official data plan of 3.5GB for 2,000naira that valid for 30 days but if you consider buying it at once at all times, you might find it too expensive and at the same time, wiping off your money because is only business men that will find that favourable.

In order not to spend much, you can make use of this tutorial and it will help you in getting little of that 4GB data plan till it gets there fully.

However, you don’t need VPN  or any other stuffs in using the data. It’s official and well verified by Airtel network of Nigeria.

How to Get 4GB Data for N2000 in 28 days

  • Firstly, migrate to Airtel Smarttrybe tariff plan by dialling *312*1# and you will be migrated successfully.
  • Now dial *312# and select option 2 which is “500naira for 1GB” and 500naira will be deducted as 1GB data will be given to you which will last for 7 days.
  • At the end of 7 days, repeat the process and you get 2GB for 1,000naira in 14 days.
  • Keep repeating the process at the end of every 7 days and you will keep getting 1GB for 500naira and within 28 days, you will get 4,000naira with just 2,000naira.

Now, you would have notice that this is the best way to save your money in subscribing for the cheapest data plan than spending it at once on the official data plan of Airtel.

So, what’s your say concerning this method in activating 4GB for 2000naira on Airtel network?


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