How To Activate And Subscribe For Airtel Double Data Plans

Don’t tell me you don’t want your data to be doubled because the offer is currently booming everywhere and in fact, who will subscribe to burn his or data plan without getting anything from it? It’s totally not fair. For me, I subscribe once in a month using Airtel double data as my MTN Double data has expired. Airtel, here I come again!

Airtel decided to offer double data because MTN had been tapping their members using this method and now, Airtel comes with cheaper and afforable double data plans hmm, Airtel also had its Triple Surf offer that doubles data but this concept deals with SMS eligibility. Don’t be confuse! It actually means that once you receive the eligibility message from Airtel, you are welcome to the offer.

No Psiphon or tweaking needed to activate this offer and it works perfectly on all your phone apps even on PC. Of course, it can be used to power Apps, stream videos, stream musics, play online games and lots more.

How To Become Eligible For This Airtel Double Data

It is easy and simple to get eligible. The eligibility depends on SMS as you will receive the eligibility offer as SMS. You don’t need tweaking or Psiphon for activation. The SMS goes like this below;

“Get DOUBLE YOUR DATA when you activate N1,000 Bundle. To get a massive 3GB for only N1000/ valid for 30 days” 

“FREE 3GB Data for you today! Pay N1500 to get 6GB valid for 30 days. Dial *440*161# NOW to activate. Offer available EVERYDAY for 6months.” 

“FREE 3.5GB for you! Pay N2000 and get 7GB valid for 30 days.Dial *437*2# NOW to activate. Offer available EVERYDAY for 6months.”

And some other text messages follows. Any message you receive means that you are eligible for the data plan offer in the SMS.

How To Activate The Airtel Double Data Offer

After receiving eligibility SMS, you should subscribe to the data plan using this code below;

  • Simply dial *496# to activate N1,000 for 3GB valid for 30 days.
  • Simply dial *440*161# to activate N1,500 for 6GB valid for 30 days.
  • Simply dial *437# to activate N2,000 for 7GB valid for 30 days.
  • Simply dial *438*1# to activate N4,000 for 18GB valid for 30 days.

This offer lasts for 6 Months. The validity period of data valids for 30 days.

Have you seen that this is another legit way to utilise your data than burning it on normal data plans? Now, enjoy your offer and those who are yet to get the eligibility SMS should wait and keep praying for Airtel to remember their line also.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to activate Airtel double data? Kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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  1. Reply

    may God let them sent it to my box oo

  2. Reply

    I subscribe to Airtel double data but I only 1.5gb instead of 3gb with *144*4# please any help

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  4. Reply

    did you get the eligibility message

  5. Reply

    this is much better than that of Glo. nice move from airtel

  6. Reply

    NYC update oga prex

  7. Reply

    d data plan is even cheaper than glo

  8. Reply

    just with 4k you have 18gb (huge) better than glo and mtn

  9. Reply

    but must you receive the sms to be eligible

  10. Just dial *496# after you receive the Eligibility SMS. Don't use other codes.

  11. Reply

    thanks 4 d information Commenting from SAFAXNET BLOG

  12. Reply

    I got the message

  13. Subscribe to it by dialing the code

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    This is cool. Nice one Prex.

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    as stated above

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    Well, is cheap untill i buy android i can't sub for it

  17. Reply

    did their night plan also increase too? cuz their night plan used to be 50# for about 1.2gb

  18. Reply

    does it apply to their night plan too

  19. No sir

  20. Reply

    Airtel is taking over

  21. Reply

    oh! too bad

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    Great info thanks from

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