How To Activate Double Data Offer On Airtel Network

Do you think is only MTN that has the double data offer? You can also double your purchased data plan with your Airtel network. Instead of using your normal data plan, you can double it using Airtel Triple Surf applicable data plans.

If you double your data plan, it will be able to last you longer than using your normal purchased data plan. It works on iPod, iPad, PC, game consoles, Android Devices and any devices that can connect to the internet. It is easy and simple to activate because is available for new and existing Airtel users.

In Airtel double data, your data would be doubled to 50% after purchased and when renewed again, it will be doubled to 75% and when you renew again, it will be doubled to 100% double data. That’s the only way is different from MTN Double Data offer.

How To Activate Airtel Double Data Offer (Triple Surf)

  • Go to your phone book or dial pad on your smartphone.
  • Then dial *141# and select 2 then select 1 to activate Airtel Triple Surf.

  • Select any of the data to purchase it and your data would be doubled instantly.
  • To deactivate the Airtel Triple Surf, just dial *400*1#.

With this, your data will always be doubled on your Airtel network.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any issues or problems with Airtel Double Data? Kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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  1. Reply

    Tanx 4 d update

  2. Reply

    nc update Airtel noni!!

  3. Reply

    Nice one for airtel. Nice tutorial from you.

  4. Reply

    nice info……but will it stop me from activating the night plan…

  5. No it won't stop you….

  6. Reply

    will it migrate me out from smart trybe package?

  7. No…is not a Tariff Plan but just an offer

  8. Reply

    nice update for airtel users

  9. Reply

    nice one.. thanks

  10. Reply

    Very helpful . tanx

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    It work for BlackBerry subscribe???

  12. Reply

    Thank for this, this is really an impressive development.

    Commenting From
    5 Things The Samsung Galaxy S8 Can Do That The iPhone Can’t

  13. Reply

    This offer is not a lifetime offer o. After the 2nd renewal, the offer is over

  14. It is lifetime… It is only if Airtel decides to stop the offer.

  15. Reply

    awoof no go kill person….nyc update

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    Admin pls when i dial the code, it brought blackberry 3gig,is it usable on android without tweaking.? Thanks

  18. No

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