How To Activate Free 200MB On Etisalat Network

Etisalat is one the fastest network in Nigeria when it comes to browsing the internet but their data burns quickly because of the high speed and quality Internet connection. Their data plans are normal but good and also made available for those who are in poor or low network connectivity location or area.

Etisalat Nigeria announced via their Instagram official page about the new awoof that if any Etisalat user downloads their Myetisalat app, he or she would be rewarded with 200MB free data to browse the Internet.

The 200MB free data can be used to download, browse, surf, stream online videos, stream online musics and of course, can be used on PC, game console, phones and lots more. Now, let’s see how to activate the data.

How To Activate Free 200MB Using Myetisalat App

  • It’s easy and simple. Just download the Myetisalat App By clicking here or alternatively, by clicking here and launch or open the app.
  • Then, create an account and set your number on the Myetisalat App.
  • After that, wait for 24-hours for your free 200MB data to appear on your data bonus or dial *228# to check data balance.

Still doubting? See another screenshot…

When waiting for the 24 hours, do not uninstall your Myetisalat App but you can uninstall it after you have gotten the FREE Data.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

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  1. Reply

    but admin,pls will d 200mb power all my application

  2. Reply

    smart one oga prex,tanx 4 sharing

  3. Yes of course.. Is a normal data

  4. Reply

    Thanks for d update prex

  5. Reply

    But Prex I have downloaded it bfore ,can I delete dat one and re download it to enjoy the offer

  6. Reply

    Nice nice nice

  7. Reply

    Note!!!!!!! If you uninstall and install ,you will still be given ,so its accumulating

  8. Reply

    Nice one. Thanks for this update.

  9. Reply

    wow. thanks. gonna try it asap

  10. Reply

    admin please fix the alternative link. it isn't working

  11. Reply

    guys Mtn just sent me a message about 300percent bonus. I've heard of 100percent bonus and 20percent bonus but never heard 300percent. what does this imply?

  12. Reply

    It's time for eti user to surf d net free again, enjoy. . .

    • Anonymous
    • May 22, 2017

    Can it work if I already have an account before

  13. Reply

    nice update. how many days does it last

  14. Reply

    Where is my Etisalat sim

  15. Reply

    Who Don try am

  16. Yea

  17. Is working.. Is only when you use Etisalat SIM to download it

  18. Send me the details via my e-mail

  19. Reply

    If I use mtn to download and register,will it work?

  20. Reply

    nice info

  21. Reply

    Who din try am?

  22. Reply


  23. Reply

    where is my E-sim

  24. Reply

    Who don try am?

  25. Reply

    I use my glo sim 2 download it hope is goin 2 wrk?

  26. No…use another account

  27. Yea..but use Etisalat SIM number

  28. Yes

  29. Reply

    wow, ave been giving my 200mb

  30. Reply


  31. Reply

    Wow…I just got my 200mb…nice man

    • Anonymous
    • May 25, 2017

    please can you create more than one account with the same number and still get data

    • Moiartz
    • May 25, 2017

    I just got mine… Thanks

  32. Nooo

  33. Reply

    Please sir I regret my yesterday I have not received mine now

  34. Hmmm, wait till you receive it.

  35. Reply

    I have received my own 200mb and I have chat with one of their customer care agents through the app.I think the app is good for resolving issues with Etisalat.There is no need to uninstall the app.

  36. Reply


  37. Reply


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